Chair of Inorganic Chemistry

General Information

Chair of Inorganic Chemistry
Večna pot 113
1000 Ljubljana

tel.: +386 1 479 8000

Head: prof. dr. Meden Anton, Full Professor, PhD
Deputy head: prof. dr. Turel Iztok, Full Professor, PhD

Educational Activities

Bologna 1st Cycle Study Programmes

Mandatory Courses:

  • General Chemistry (Anton Meden)
  • Inorganic Chemistry (Anton Meden)
  • Inorganic Chemistry II (Franc Perdih)
  • Structure and Properties of Solids (Amalija Golobič)
  • Spectroscopy (Barbara Modec)
  • General Chemistry I (Saša Petriček)
  • Inorganic Chemistry I (Alojz Demšar)
  • Inorganic Chemistry II (Alojz Demšar)
  • General Laboratory Practice  (Bojan Kozlevčar)
  • Chemistry (Saša Petriček)
  • Fire and Fire Dynamics (Saša Petriček)
  • General Chemistry (Iztok Turel)
  • Inorganic Chemistry (Boris Čeh)
  • Practicals in Chemistry (Romana Cerc Korošec)
  • Laboratory Practice in General and Inorganic Chemistry (Nina Lah)
  • Laboratory Practice in General and Inorganic Chemistry (Romana Cerc Korošec)

Elective Courses:

  • Chemistry for Sustainable Development (Elizabeta Tratar Pirc)
  • Methods of Syntheses in Inorganic Chemistry (Andrej Pevec)
  • Inorganic Synthesis  (Saša Petriček)
  • Inorganic Chemistry II (Iztok Turel)

Bologna 2nd Cycle Study Programmes

Mandatory Courses:

  • Inorganic Chemistry (Alojz Demšar)
  • Bioinorganic Chemistry (Iztok Turel)

Elective Courses:

  • Thermal analysis (Romana Cerc Korošec)
  • Modern inorganic materials and catalysts (Romana Cerc Korošec)
  • Fire Safety Analysis of Constructions (Romana Cerc Korošec)
  • Coordination Chemistry (Bojan Kozlevčar)
  • Crystal Structure Analysis (Amalija Golobič)
  • Biologically active coordination compounds used in medicine (Iztok Turel)

Bologna 3rd Cycle Doctoral Study Programme in Chemical Sciences

  • Synthesis and Reactivity of Inorganic Compounds (Alojz Demšar)

Research Activities

  • Syntheses of Metal Carboxylates and their Derivatives; Research into their Application as Protecting Layers for Wood, and Type of Metal Ion Bonding in Wood. Application of New Scorpionate-type Ligands in compounds – models for the enzyme active sites
  • Chemistry of Ruthenium Compounds. Synthesis, Physico-Chemical and Biological Characterization.Practical Applications (catalysis, dyes for solar cells, etc)
  • Chemistry of Chromium, Molybdenum and Tungsten: Coordination Compounds and Oxo-Clusters
  • Syntheses of Novel Anhydrous Lanthanoid Complexes from Oxides
  • Metal-Organic Compounds: Research into Novel Metal-Organic Fluorides and their Applications in Catalysis
  • Studies of Interactions of Metal Ions with Biologically Active Quinolone Ligands and Anti-Viral Nucleotide Analogues
  • Synthesis of Vanadium and Zinc Coordination Compounds, Potent Inzulin Enhancers
  • X-Ray Structure Analysis of Single Crystals (Coordination and Organic Compounds) and Powders (Ceramics)
  • Sol-Gel Preparation of Organic-Inorganic Hybrids Exhibiting Ionic Conductivity
  • Coordination Compounds of transition and rare-earth metals with curcumin and its derivatives
  • Bonding of Metal Ions on Biological Macromolecules, e.g. Hialuronic Acid
  • Chemical Stabilization of Metals in Contaminated Soil and Solid Waste
  • Anaerobic Degradation of Glucose in the Presence of Cyanide
  • Studies on the Deposition of Thin Films
  • Development of Ionic Containers
  • Thermal Analysis

List of Research Equipment

  • System for Thermal Analysis - Mettler Toledo TGA/SDTA 851,
  • Modular System for Thermal Analysis Mettler Toledo TGA/DSC1, with Mass Spectrometer Pfeiffer Vacuum and Nicolet 6700 FTIR Spectrometer
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter Metter Toledo DSC1, with optical Microscope Gloor Instruments
  • DSCI and High Pressure DSC827 Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC), with Pco.sensicam for chemiluminescence measurements
  • Incubator
  • OxiTop WTW
  • HPLC Cromatograph
  • Polarisation Microscope
  • Stereomicroscope
  • SuperNova dual wavelength diffractometer Agilent SuperNova (owned by Centre of Excellence EN-FIST, run by UL FCCT)
  • Diffractometer for monocrystal studies Nonius Kappa CCD
  • Spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer 2000 FT-IR
  • Spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer Spectrum 100 (possibility of ATR add-on)
  • Spectrophotometer UV-Vis Lambda 750
  • Fluorescence Spectrometer Perkin Elmer LS55
  • MBraun Unilab
  • R-210 Rotavapor Buechi with Julabo F250 Recirculating Cooler




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