Scientific Research

Research assumes an important place in the activities of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. Basic research means keeping abreast with the world developments in science and technology, while applied research fosters contacts with industry.

Research and development at the Faculty is closely linked with postgraduate studies which this is the only way to international recognition. Chemical research covers all main fields in inorganic and organic synthesis, studies of inorganic and organic compounds, analytical, physical and biophysical chemistry, various branches of biochemistry, e.g. enzyme science, molecular genetics and genetic engineering. Chemical engineering research deals with process development of inorganic and organic products and materials, reaction engineering, transport phenomena, rheology, bioengineering, environmental engineering, etc.

The research work caters for the needs of industry, particularly chemical, pharmaceutical, food industries, biotechnology, construction engineering, environmental protection, etc. Interdisciplinary research which requires co-operation with other universities in Slovenia and research institutions, and international co-operation with research laboratories and universities via joint projects, assumes an important place.

The basic research units of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology are the following:

Infrastructure center UL FCCT

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