Master’s degree programme in Chemistry has received a Chemistry Quality Eurolabel certificate Euromaster

Master's degree programme in Chemistry (2nd cycle) on Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana has received a Chemistry Quality Eurolabel certificate/qualification Euromaster®. This certificate is awarded by ECTN - European Chemistry Thematic Network.
The primary aims of the Euromaster certificate/qualification are to provide a second cycle degree of the highest standard which is: 

  • recognised by other European institutions as being of a standard  which will provide automatic right of access (though not right of admission, which is the prerogative of the receiving institution) to chemistry doctoral programmes 
  • recognised by employers as being of a standard which fit the graduates for employment as professional chemists in chemical and related industries or in public service 
  • recognised by the European Chemist Registration Board of EuCheMS as meeting the educational standard necessary to allow the graduates to obtain the status of European Chemist

ECTN has also re-awarded the qualification Eurobachelor® for the Bachelor degree programme in Chemistry(1st cycle) on FCCT UL.