International Students

Dear international student,

Welcome to the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology’s international web page. If you are interested in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering & technology and technical safety, you are in the right place. Furtheron there is some information for students who are interested in involving in full study and for students interested in spending some time here with us as exchange students.

Information for Exchange students:
General Information

Dear Exchange student,

The weblink above offers some general information on admissions criteria, application procedure, application deadlines, academic calendar, grading system, language requirements and accommodation.

Furthermore, we are giving you some specific information that relates to Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology.

1. There are no courses offered in English. All courses listed through the link below are available, but please be aware that you will have to work with the professors on individual basis. In laboratory courses instructions in English language are given individually.

2. In order to avoid language obstacles you can choose Research work from wide range of areas In case of choosing research work we recommend you to contact us before arrival.

3. In order to enter the faculty laboratories you will have to attend a Safe Work in Laboratory lecture and pass a test. Before attending the lecture, it is recommended to read the Rules for Safe Work in the Laboratory.

Courses Offered to Exchange Students

List of Agreements Erasmus+