Chair of Occupational, Process and Fire Safety

General information

Chair of Occupational, Process and Fire Safety
Večna pot 113
1000 Ljubljana

tel.: +386 1 479 8000

Head: prof. dr. Schnabl Simon, Full Professor, PhD
Deputy head: doc. dr. Zupan Klementina, Assistant Professor, PhD

Educational Activities

Bologna 1st Cycle Study Programme

Technical Safety – UN:

  • Fundamentals of Health Care
  • Fundamentals of Technical and Fire Safety
  • Safety in Mechanical Engineering
  • Machine and Construction Elements
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Numerical Methods in Safety I
  • Safety Statistics
  • Risk Analysis
  • Working Environment
  • Work Psychology
  • Ergonomics and Ergonomic Measurements
  • Fire Detection and Fire Fighting
  • Fire Safety in Buildings (elective course)
  • Work Appliances and Devices (elective course

Chemical Engineering – UN:

  • Chemical and Process Safety 

Chemical Technology – VS:

  • Chemical and Process Safety
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Chemistry
  • Processes in Industrial Chemistry

Bologna 2nd Cycle Master Study Programme

Technical Safety:

  • Numerical Methods in Safety II
  • Risk Management and Process Safety
  • Safe Design and Vulnerability of Systems
  • Interventions and Rescue
  • Human and Organizational Factors
  • Technical Safety (elective course)
  • Fire Safety (elective course)
  • Environmental Risks (elective course)
  • Analysis of the Behavior and Safety (elective course)
  • Professional Pathology (elective course)
  • Environmental Protection II (elective course)
  • Fire Safety Analysis of - Buildings (elective course)
  • Work Appliances and Devices II (elective course)

Research Activities

  • New Methods in Risk Assessment
  • Assessment of Complex Techological Systems
  • Human as a Risk Factor
  • Methodology of Fire Statistics
  • Engineering Methods in Fire Safety Assessment
  • Structural Equation Modelling in Fire Risk Assessment
  • Problem-Based Learning in Statistics
  • Development of Road Tunnel Simulator for Staff Training in Operation Control Center
  • Analysis of Actual Fire in the Trojane Tunnel
  • Safety Analysis of the Karavanke Tunnel    
  • Risk Analysis of Some Road Tunnels in Slovenia
  • Safety Analysis of LNG Terminals Planned in the Gulf of Trieste

List of Research Equipment

  • 20-L Apparatus Kühner
  • Sound analyser in real time Brul&Kjaer
  • DustTrack Aerosol Monitor Model 8520-EC-GB
  • ECM ECO Monitoring Q-Trak Model 8554-EC-GB
  • MI 2086 EUROTEST euroset – measuring device for electrical installations
  • Apparatus for Simultaneous Thermal Analysis
  • Mettler TA 4000:
    • TG 50 Module
    • DSC 20 Module
  • Apparatus for Minimal Ignition Energy
  • Mass Spectrometer Pfeiffer



Professional Associates: