Chair of Organic Chemistry

General Information

Chair of Organic Chemistry
Večna pot 113 
1000 Ljubljana

tel.: +386 1 479 8000

Head: prof. dr. Štefane Bogdan, Full Professor, PhD

Educational Activities

Bologna 1st Cycle Study Programmes
Chemistry UN:   

  • Organic Chemistry I–III 
  • Practical Course in Organic Chemistry
  • Organic Analysis
  • Spectroscopy
  • Organic Chemistry Synthesis (elective course)
  • Principles of Green Chemistry (elective course)
  • Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds (elective course)

Biochemistry UN:

  • Organic Chemistry I, II
  • Spectroscopic Methods in Biochemistry

Chemical Engineering UN:

  • Organic Chemistry

Technical Safety UN:

  • Chemistry

Chemical Technology VS:

  • Organic Chemistry I, II
  • Practicals in Chemistry I
  • Synthetic Techniques in Organic Chemistry (elective course)
  • Organic Analysis and Spectroscopy (elective course)

Pre-Bologna Undergraduate Programmes

  • Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds - UN
  • Planning of Organic Syntheses – UN
  • Selected Topics in Organic Chemistry – UN
  • Organic Chemistry of Biologically Importnat Compounds - UN
  • Directed Organic Synthesis – UN
  • Bioactive Compounds – UN
  • Transformations of Bioactive Compounds – UN
  • Nucleic Acids and Polynucleotides – UN
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry of Food – UN
  • Experiments in Organic Chemistry – UN

Bologna 2nd Cycle Study Programmes

Chemistry UN:   

  • Modern NMR Methods

Biochemistry UN:

  • Target Oriented Synthesis with Drug Chemistry

Bologna 3rd Cycle Doctoral Study Programme in Chemical Sciences

  • Selected Topics in Organic Chemistry
  • Selected Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry
  • Studies of Organic Transformation Mechanisms

Extramural Courses

Bologna 1st Cycle Study Programmes

  • Organic Chemistry - UN (Faculty of Pharmacy)
  • General and Organic Chemistry - UN (Faculty of Pharmacy)
  • Organic Chemistry – UN (Biotechnical Faculty)
  • Fundamental Theoretical Principles of Printing Processes - UN (Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering)
  • Chemistry II- VS (Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering)
  • Chemistry – UN (Faculty of Education)

Bologna 2nd Cycle Study Programmes

  • Organic Chemistry  (Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering)

Research Activities

  • Synthesis of New Reagents Based on 3-Dimethylaminopropenoates and Related Enamines and their Application in the Synthesis of New Heterocyclic Systems
  • Synthesis of Natural Products and their Analogues Using the Enamine Methodology
  • Synthesis and Transformations of Chiral Compounds
  • 1,3-Dipolar Cycloadditions
  • Stereoselective Synthesis
  • Synthesis of Heterocyclic Analogues of Peptides
  • Combinatorial and Parallel Synthesis
  • Organocatalysis
  • Design and Synthesis of Compounds with Antimalarial Activity
  • New Approaches towards the Synthesis of Molecules with Antibacterial Activity
  • Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Potential Diazene-Type Cytostatic Agents
  • Innovative Catalysis: New Processes and Selectivities
  • Microwave-Assisted Reactions and Reactions under High-Pressure
  • Studies on Halogenation of Organic Compounds, New Reagents, and New Approaches
  • Studies on the Reaction Conditions for Organic Transformations
  • Preparation and Application of Immobilized (Polymeric) Reagents
  • Studies on the Oxidation Mechanisms of Organic Compounds
  • Studies on the Mechanisms of Phototransformation of Halogenated Organic Compounds
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Molecular Probes for Medical Research
  • Isomeric "Click" Ligands For Transition Metal Complexes

List of Research Equipment

  • C, H, N – Analyzer Perkin Elmer 2400 II
  • UV – Visible Spectrophotometer Varian
  • IR Spectrometer Spectrum BX FTIR Perkin-Elmer
  • IR Spectrometer Bruker FTIR Alpha Platinum ATR (v sklopu CO EN-FIST)
  • Polarimeter Perkin-Elmer
  • Distillation Apparatus Fisher-Jones
  • Mettler-Toledo Miniblock Parallel Synthesizer – 12 Positions
  • Radleys Carousel Reaction Station Paralel Synthesizer – 6 Positions
  • Radleys Reactor Ready Lab Reactor
  • Büchi Syncore Polyvap+Reactor Parallel Syntesizer and Evaporator – 24 Positions
  • Hettlab IR-Dancer Infra-Red Vortex Evaporator (Parallel Evaporator) – 48 Positions
  • Starfish – Multiexperiment Work Station
  • Laboratory Microwave Reactor CEM
  • MPLC –Preparative Chromatograph Büchi
  • High-Pressure Reactor U 101
  • GC – Hewlett Packard HPG 890 Series
  • HPLC – Agilent Technologies 1260 Infinity (v sklopu CO EN-FIST)
  • Photochemical Reactor Buckinghamshire Model MLU/8
  • NMR Spectrometer – Bruker Avance DPX 300 (v sklopu IC FKKT UL)
  • NMR Spectrometer – Bruker Avance Ultrashield 500 plus (within IC FCCT UL)
  • LC MS system Agilent 6224 Accurate Mass TOF LC/MS plus (within IC FCCT UL)
  • Ozonator Welsbach Model T-816
  • GC/MS Hewlett Packard 6890
  • MS Micromass Platform II
  • Cooler -60 ºC
  • Parr Hydrogenator
  • Autoclaves Berghof
  • Rotavapors Büchi
  • Rotavapor Heidolph
  • Rotavapors IKA
  • Vacuum Pumps Vacuubrand
  • OptiMelt EZ (Stanford Scientific) Automated Melting Point System
  • Laboratory Reactor (1 L) Radleys Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor
  • Flow Hydrogenator H-Cube® (within CE EN-FIST)
  • Industrial rotavapor Büchi R-220 (20 L) with recirculator (within CE EN-FIST)